Mary Forst

Metalsmith & Jeweler

I began making pearl jewelry as a way to investigate my sentimentality and the relationship I have with particular objects. I inherited two pearl necklaces from my grandmother at the age of nine and always cherished them (see The Pearl Recontextualized for more info). During the process of creating The Pearl Recontextualized the pearl became a material to me and design aesthetic took the front seat. After the completion of this series I still toyed with the pearl and with the desire to make contemporary jewelry incorporating this material.

In the fall of 2017 I began to work on a small production line utilizing this concept. This line of jewelry is often inspired by traditional designs but has an edge to it that its classic predecessor lacks. My goal is to redesign this traditional adornment and to create trendy, stunning, badass jewelry that can be worn by people of all ages, anywhere and any time.

This work is made primarily from mild steel, cultured pearls, and sterling silver. It is all handmade in my tiny studio in Portland, Maine by yours truly! All steel pieces are coated with an anti-rust coating to prevent the steel from rusting. I suggest storing your steel jewelry in a dry environment and to take it off before jumping in the pool or showering to ensure its longevity. If you are interested in a variation or a custom piece please feel free to contact me at!