Mary Forst

Metalsmith & Jeweler

My name is Mary Forst, I am a metalsmith and a jeweler. I grew up in the small town of Chester, Connecticut along the Connecticut River and now reside in Portland, Maine.

I was drawn to the crafts at a very young age, often inspired by the act of making whether it be knitting, beading, drawing or painting. My family was extremely supportive of my interest in arts and craft and made a point to activate my creativity often. I spent a great deal of time with my grandmother who taught me to knit and sew and with my aunt who made and sold beaded jewelry at local craft fairs. I loved working with my hands and especially loved making things I could wear.

I was fortunate enough to attend a public high school with a well developed arts program and investigated as many mediums as possible. I appreciated all of the processes I attempted but jewelry making was by far the most intriguing. By the time I was sixteen I knew that I wanted to be a jeweler.

I went on to study metalsmithing and jewelry at Maine College of Art and graduated in the spring of 2016 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. During my time at Meca I was able to to learn traditional metalsmithing techniques as well as conceptual ways to apply them.

After graduating I began working full time in the field and began to develop my personal studio practice. I am an active member of Portland's Metals Collective and take part in several local jewelry shows each year. In the fall of 2017 I began making work with the intent to sell. I now have a small production line and hope to continue developing my skill set.


My Childhood Home, 2016

My Childhood Home, 2016